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So I suppose you typed in that address or clicked on a link expecting to be taken to Fotolly's website full of amazing content.

Sorry about that...

As of the 1st July 2022 both the Fotolly and Oliver Brighton brands were joined together under the new roof of Focused Productions.

Don't be alarmed! We promise that we are still the amazingly talented team of passionate individuals that you have come to know and love. We're just doing a little home renovation and rebrand to enable us to take on bigger and better projects!

As in previous successful ventures, our Focus has always been on creating a quality product that our clients have come to know and love and we will keep doing just that.

Now we just have a brand that says that too!

So come with us on this journey and we promise you that we are still the same people (plus a few new faces), just bigger and better than before!

Fun fact, Oliver founded Fotolly (then Fotolly Media) back in the 2013 whilst still in school! Since then it has taken him around the world on a journey of creating quality content from concert recordings, timelapse reels to branded content.Here's to many more years creating amazing content under the Focused Production banner!

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